Jeep Recalls over 60000 Early 2010 Wranglers for Fire Potential

A vehicle recall is an expensive proposition. A recall involves a modification or repair that must be done as soon as possible and at no cost to the customer. Recalls are done when a problem is likely to cause serious risk, damage or monetary harm and the event is very likely to happen.

This time, Jeep is recalling 87,000 Jeep Wranglers from the 2010 model year because of high fire hazard from a protective plate. If the car was built before July 14, 2010 and has an automatic transmission, the owner should check with the car dealer. According to AMOG, “This is due to concern that the skid plate could collect debris, which could lead to an under-vehicle fire.”

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The skid plate protects the transmission, engine and portions of the exhaust system. The plates were relocated to meet federal emission standards in early 2010. The new plate location created a space that could pack in plant material and other debris. The hot catalytic converter can dry out the debris and set it on fire if the debris is not cleaned out frequently enough.

According to Consumer Reports, the Wrangler is a highly popular off-road vehicle, even if it is a low rated vehicle overall. The skid plate concept was to enhance the vehicle for more challenging off road activity. [Read more…]

Women or Men who are better Drivers?

Women are better drivers than men. Those of the female gender tend to use more common sense and are therefore more conscientious when behind the wheel. Certainly auto insurance rates reflect this. There’s no getting around it.


It’s a fact. Males are much more likely to feel that they are invincible and drive recklessly. I myself know this from personal experience. As a teenager, my mission in life was to see how fast I could make my dad’s car go down the Interstate. Most guys will concur with this. Horsepower; the need for speed, is where it’s at if you are of the male persuasion; especially if you are young. You just don’t see too many females driving “muscle cars.”

Certainly part of this can be attributed to real-life situations. While the roles of women and men are not as clearly defined as they perhaps once were, one will still be much more likely to see a woman dubbed as a “soccer mom” hauling kids around in a minivan. Obviously, the chances of her pulling up alongside a Mustang Bullitt and challenging the driver to a drag race will be slim to none. [Read more…]

Review: LED Flashlight – JETBeam BA10 XPG

In the world of flashlights, Jetbeam has made a name for itself by manufacturing torches which place it in the former category. With its budget line, which includes the Jetbeam BA10 reviewed here, it now has a series of inexpensive products aimed at the more price-conscious customer. This review will attempt to analyse whether ‘budget’ means inferior, value for money or somewhere in between.

+ Inexpensive
+ Ease of use
+ Very sturdy clip
+ Proven winter and waterproof qualities

– Slightly longer than other AA lights

Specifications/Features (taken from the Jetbeam website)

The JETBeam BA10 is powered by a single AA battery or rechargeable cell. I emailed Jetbeam asking if the flashlight could also be powered by a 14500 lithium battery. They replied that this was certainly possible, but it could cause the light to become hot.


The Jetbeam BA10 has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 10.5cm (4.13inches)
  • Width: 2.3cm (0.91inches)
  • Weight (without battery): 60g (2.11oz)

The light also has the following features:

  • LED: XP-G R5
  • Lens: scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Material: aero-grade aluminium
  • Finish: type III hard anodised
  • Water-resistance: IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters)
  • Impact resistance: 1.5 meters

First Impressions

The JETBeam BA10 came in a cardboard packaging and included a lanyard, a rubber switch cap, two spare o-rings and a manual. [Read more…]